Advertising: The Lost, Mad Art of Persuasion

Advertising isn’t what it used to be. Remember the Mad Men days? When the classic agencies like Campbell-Ewald, Ogilvy, and Y&R ruled Madison Ave? Ahhh, those were the days. Advertising was elegant and prestigious. Photos were taken by real photographers. Progs were used to proof at press proofs. Keylines were used for ads and brochures. Annual reports were printed. Retouching photos was an art for airbrush artists. The smell of alcohol-based markers filled art studios, making designers “happy”. Yes, those were the days, if you’re old enough to remember and appreciate them. Then the digital age arrived. Everything changed except one thing.


The imagination of the mind is still strong as ever and is still required to create persuasive messages and visuals that move people to action. THAT is what is still the heart of advertising and design…and it will forever be inherently part of what makes an “agency” important and necessary. The fact is, if Daren Steven’s was alive today, he’d still be doing exactly the same thing – coming up with ideas for clients. Ideas that help clients build business. THAT is what an agency does for you. It learns your business so that they think like you and for you. The results can be and should be beneficial to all.

The Mad Men era is still around.

We’re part of the new creative Mad Men era…the one that is still bringing creativity to you and your business. We still bring value to clients and still get a kick of thinking creatively for those who are willing to invest in themselves. Then you’re at that point, that’s when you call an agency.