Social Media. So much. So confusing.

So where do you start with Social Media? That’s a big question when you’re at the beginning of the Social Media road. First, you’re not the only one who may be overwhelmed. Millions and millions of daily posts on Facebook and Twitter pages are only a fraction of the social mountain. As you know, lots of what you see on the web is not really worth your attention.

Friend me. Like me. De-friend. Share my post. Retweet. Copy the tweet. And on and on. Is this all worth it?

Believe it or not, social media is not going away. It’s here and it’s going to evolve. It’s where news is generated. Did you know it can warn of an earthquake seconds before it hits? Social media drives issues. It promotes good things. It can promote bad things. Friends are not necessarily your “friends”. It can drive presidential elections. It can make you smile, cry, laugh, and become angry. With social media, it all comes at you whether you want it to or not. It can mislead. Even major new networks have been “tricked” into reporting erroneous stories. People re-post false news and content every day.

When will this all stop? It won’t.

If you’re going to ride the social media wave, be smart. That’s what we teach high school and college students as we mentor them….be smart in social media. Be slow to digest, post and embrace. Don’t believe everything you see. Not everyone is your friend. Protect yourself.

And that’s what we tell you today. Be careful our there. Lots of crazy social media action out there. Take it slow.

Post responsibly.

Invest In Your Health Campaign for State of Indiana

With over 30, 000 employees, The Indiana State Personnel Department moved to brand a new, robust employee health program to engage all who work for the Sate of Indiana to take charge of their health. Beginning with establishing a new identity brand for Invest In Your Health, Cabello created a logo, branding standards, Email templates, posters, and employee flyers, signage, web banners and support campaign materials. The new program introduced several modules from Anthem, the state insurance provider, to serve employees and to engage them in their personal health. At the center of the campaign was the need to lower insurance claims and doctor visit costs by embracing a mentality of personal success for each employee. Key messages included eating healthy, healthy living, exercise and preventive doctors visits.

Advertising: The Lost, Mad Art of Persuasion

Advertising isn’t what it used to be. Remember the Mad Men days? When the classic agencies like Campbell-Ewald, Ogilvy, and Y&R ruled Madison Ave? Ahhh, those were the days. Advertising was elegant and prestigious. Photos were taken by real photographers. Progs were used to proof at press proofs. Keylines were used for ads and brochures. Annual reports were printed. Retouching photos was an art for airbrush artists. The smell of alcohol-based markers filled art studios, making designers “happy”. Yes, those were the days, if you’re old enough to remember and appreciate them. Then the digital age arrived. Everything changed except one thing.

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A Special Gift to Young Latinos: Project Stepping Stone

Over the years, Kathy and I have mentored hundreds of Latino high school and college students, helping get their “footing” while strengthening their desire to not only enter college, but to finish. That’s what Project Stepping Stone (PSS) is all about. This June, we and many volunteers will take a week off to spend with approximately 75 high school students from all over Indiana. They represent the best of the best, academically speaking. During the course of the week they will be thrusted into a week of “intense” college activities that will push them to their limits. But here’s the catch…if not for PSS, they’d never have the chance to see what “college” could look like. They’d never be able to walk on a campus. They’d never sit in a classroom. Without PSS, they’d view college as a pipe dream. Through PSS, we are able to ensure one thing and one thing only…that these students are able to see college as not only a dream but a reality.
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