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Department of Health

H1N1 Immunization and Child Immunization Campaigns

H1N1 and Child Immunization Campaigns

When an influenza outbreak hits, public health officials are quick to take action to help prevent a health care disaster. An outbreak also pushes other healthcare initiatives such as child immunizations into the forefront of public awareness and into action – to keep the public safe, healthy and to avoid epidemics.

Critical messaging to school officials, universities, hospitals, healthcare providers, parents, day cares and churches is critical to healthcare providers, parents, day cares and churches is critical to create awareness of the dangers and also what it takes to be safe during a pandemic outbreak.

Strategic Approach
On the H1N1 and Child Immunization campaigns, the goal is to create clear messaging for the masses that motivates all audiences to acquire their H1N1 and other timely vaccines.


H1N1 Pandemic Ethics Guides for Health Care Practitioners
One fact is certain during a Pandemic Outbreak – there would not be enough vaccinations for every member of the public. Planning to deal with such an epidemic posses challenges. This guide was developed after a 2008 Summit of States convened in Indianapolis to address ethical consideration during an influenza outbreak. A comprehensive toolkit was developed.