The Know The O Facts Campaign was designed to reduce the stigma surrounding opioid use disorder. 

Indiana State Family & Social Services Administration

Know The O Facts Campaign

A Puzzle of Complexity

It can be a daunting experience caring for an elderly or disabled loved one. Caregivers often do not know where to turn during this often stressful time. Searching for the right care information can be complicated and sometimes confusing. There are so many facets to connect especially when it comes to the aging and disabled. Welcome to the INconnect Alliance!

Strategic Approach

The creation of the NEW INconnect Alliance was the first step in putting together the complex care puzzle. The INconnect Alliance is comprised of the sixteen Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) throughout Indiana. The goal of the INconnect Alliance is to create a new recognizable brand that unifies all sixteen centers. Through the roll-out of this unifying brand, INconnect Alliance members (ADRCs) have found new opportunities to re-introduce themselves to a changing and growing client base.

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